Entanglements: Blithe Images & Song of the West by Nora Roberts Paperback Book
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Blithe Images

Offered a modeling contract for one of New York City's most prestigious fashion magazines, Hilary Baxter leaves her small-town life behind in Kansas. What she didn't expect was to fall for the handsome and charming publisher of Mode Magazine, Bret Bardoff. As they spend more time together, will Bret see past her beauty and pursue something more?

Song of the West

Succumbing to her twin sister's pleas for help during her pregnancy, Samantha Evans leaves city life behind for the idyllic scenery of the Wyoming plains. Sam doesn't intend to stay long, but it seems Mother Nature has other plans when she finds herself stranded during a blizzard with the gorgeous but infuriating ranch owner Jake Tanner.

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Retail Price: $17.99
Published: Jul 2018Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 384
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