Faith by Len Deighton CD Audiobook Unabridged
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Rent Faith

Len Deighton is back with a thrilling new trilogy in the continuing saga of Bernard Samson, the intrepid, insolent, and enigmatic agent of his previous bestselling trilogies.

After her years on the other side, Samsons wife, Fiona, is finally back in his life. But she knows about the affair with Gloria, and shes not taking it well. His boss warns him that his job is on the line. His best friend, Werner, is exiled and in disgrace.

Its 1987, and the Cold War is turning to ice. Ask no questions, Bernard, whisper the top brass at London Central, as they struggle to avoid the fallout from the deepest scandal in the Departments history. Everyone is grabbing for that one last shred of glory; nothing is as it seems. And Bernard, caught between his job, his ethic, his past, and the two women he loves, finds there is no one he can confide in, nothing to depend on--except faith.

Published: Jul 2007
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Narrator: Robert Whitfield
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