I'll Always Have You: Once More with Feeling\Reflections by Nora Roberts Paperback Book
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Two fan-favorite stories about learning to live…and love on your own terms 

Once More with Feeling 

Musician Raven Williams was devastated when Brandon Carstairs broke her heart five years ago. Now he's back, asking for her help cowriting the score for a major film—an opportunity she can't refuse. Despite the undeniable heat between them, Raven vows to keep things strictly professional. But it's as if no time has passed at all—and with so much lust hanging between them, it's hard not to melt… 


As one of America's finest ballet dancers, Lindsay Dunne has no time for romance. That is, until she meets brooding architect Seth Bannion, the guardian of a talented young ballerina in her class. Lindsay and Seth clash over their hopes for the girl's future, passions flare…and Lindsay receives a crash course in the art of love.

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Published: Jul 2017Publisher: Silhouette Books
Pages: 384
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