The Sisters by Robert Littell CD Audiobook Unabridged
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The Sisters, a cult classic among espionage aficionados, is now available in audio. In what Christopher Lehmann-Haupt of The New York Times called "the plot of plots," Robert Littell creates CIA legends Francis and Carroll, dubbed "the sisters Death and Night" by their cohorts. But few know what these enigmatic and extremely dangerous operatives do: They plot--and they're plotting the perfect crime. They've located the pawn of all pawns--the Potter, the exiled ex-head of the KGB sleeper school--and, with artful deception, the Sisters coerce him into betraying his last and best sleeper, the man he considers his son. Once awakened, this sleeper, an assassin living secretly in the U.S., will launch a mission of death--unless the Potter, in a desperate race against time, can stop his protege from committing the Sisters' world-shattering crime.
Published: Jun 2003
Publisher: New Millenium Audio
Narrator: Scott Brick
Discs: 9
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