Vision Quest by Terry Davis Paperback Book
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When Terry Davis's Vision Quest first appeared in 1979, it was greeted as an incredibly fresh breath of air. Doris Grumbach called it 'a completely successful novel, the best Bildungsroman to come my way in some time.' John Irving called it 'the truest novel about growing up since Catcher in the Rye,' and said, 'it's a better novel about wrestling, and wrestlers, than The World According to Garp.'

The novel lived up to this billing. Now its re-release in a handsome trade paper edition presents the book to a new generation of readers. For those who have seen the film version but not read the book, the new edition of Vision Quest will provide an entirely different, weightier, and more timely experience.
Published: May 2005Publisher: Random House Childrens Books
Pages: 239
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