Michael Jackson: The One and Only by Triumph Books Paperback Book


Rent Michael Jackson: The One and Only

Author: Triumph Books

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Triumph Books (IL)

Published: Jul 2009

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Composers & Musicians - Pop

Retail Price: $14.95


From his youth as a prodigious talent in a gifted musical family driven by a visionary father, it was apparent that Michael Jackson was destined for fame and stardom. But his emergence from the Jackson Five in the 1970s and his explosion as a solo act in the 1980s skyrocketed him to a magnitude of super stardom that few people in history have attained. His ability to write and play music, sing, and dance vaulted him to the top echelon of musical artists--and his tragic and untimely death now guarantees his immortality in pop culture alongside the likes of Elvis and Princess Diana.

This lavishly illustrated book provides an unprecedented glimpse of the fascinating and often misunderstood life of Michal Jackson, and chronicles a career filled with triumph and tragedy that placed him alongside Presidents and Queens, and endeared him to millions of fans worldwide. For any fan of Michael Jackson or his music, this is must-have keepsake. For those who have been surprised by the outpouring since his tragic death, this book explains why he will forever be the King of Pop.

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