Miracle at St. Andrews Lib/E by James Patterson Paperback Book


Rent Miracle at St. Andrews Lib/E

Author: James Patterson

Format: Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Fiction - Sports

Retail Price: $69.99


If golf novels had a leaderboard, Miracle at St. Andrews would be at the top.

Though nobody has ever identified a single secret-no universally accepted truth-to the sport, every real player searches for one. Travis McKinley is one such seeker. A former professional golfer who feels like he's an amateur at the rest of life, he makes a pilgrimage to the mythical greens at St. Andrews. On the course where golf was born, every link, hole, fairway-even the gorse-feels like sacred ground. Ground that can help an ordinary player, an ordinary man, achieve a higher plane.

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