Reading the Bible As If Jesus Mattered by Duane Beachey Paperback Book


Rent Reading the Bible As If Jesus Mattered

Author: Duane Beachey

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Pandora Press U. S.

Published: Jul 2014

Genre: Religion - Christianity - Mennonite

Pages: 166


Why do Christians who are very serious about the Bible largely ignore the words of Jesus? Exploring what might happen if Jesus were truly our starting point, Duane Beachey tackles inerrancy, fundamentalism, creationism, the culture wars, prophesy, nationalism, materialism, war, wealth, and same-gender relations. "No topic is too taboo for Beachey as he passionately calls us to read the Bible differently, to read the Bible with Jesus as the plumb line. You can hear the heartbeat of a man who loves Jesus, a man who risks the daring proposal that we can live out the teachings of Jesus-and in doing so, find real joy." --Michele Hershberger, Bible and Ministry faculty member, Hesston College. "Reading the Bible as if Jesus Mattered is one of the most accessible and powerful manifestos on what it means to be a faithful, biblically grounded disciple of Jesus that I have ever read. Beachey approaches the Scriptures with Jesus as his interpretive lens and paints a stunning picture of what true Christianity should look like. This book is a must read for all followers of Christ, no matter where you fall on the theological spectrum, and will inspire you to commit yourself again to the way of Jesus, the liberating Prince of Peace." --Brandan Robertson, founder, The Revangelical Movement ( "Beachey issues a call to a radical discipleship that has always been counter-cultural and always will be. Jesus matters. He matters more than any of our customs, predilections and prejudices. This book will help you put him back at the center of your faith." --Danny Duncan Collum, in the Foreword. Collum is contributing editor and columnist, Sojourners magazine, and professor of English and journalism, Kentucky State University

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