Seminole: Some People Never Give Up by Tina Siemens Paperback Book


Rent Seminole: Some People Never Give Up

Author: Tina Siemens

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Indy Pub

Published: Feb 2020

Genre: Religion - Christianity - Mennonite

Pages: 378


1569: Anabaptist Dirk Willems plots his escape from prison and sure death. He succeeds, only to discover the one thing that will deliver him true freedom. 1875: On the rugged plains of the Llano Estacado, Lt. C.R. Ward leads his exhausted men on an expedition to remove the Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne. They are out of water and near death when his Seminole scouts find a miracle in the desert. 1921: Mennonite Jacob Rempel, holding the same beliefs as Willems, prepares his family to escape an entire country. Will their journey end the same? In a true story of faith, hope, and perseverance, Rempel’s great-granddaughter, Tina Siemens, reveals the incredible narrative of an event that captivated the hearts of people around the world. From the parched territory of Mexico to the west Texas town of Seminole, Siemens gives a firsthand account of her family’s difficult migration… and the people who wouldn’t quit. Experience this vivid saga of a man determined to survive, a people who refused to give up, and the town that fostered it all. SEMINOLE. Because miracles do happen.

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