The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene Paperback Book


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Author: Robert Greene

Narrator: Don Leslie

Format: Abridged-CD

Publisher: Workman Pub Co

Published: Apr 2007

Genre: Political Science - History & Theory

Retail Price: $32.95

Discs: 8


Learning the game of power requires a certain way of looking at the world, a shifting of perspective,' writes Robert Greene. Mastery of one's emotions and the arts of deception and indirection are, he goes on to assert, essential. The 48 laws outlined in this book 'have a simple premise: certain actions always increase one's power ... while others decrease it and even ruin us.'

The laws cull their principles from many great schemers--and scheming instructors--throughout history, from Sun-Tzu to Talleyrand, from Casanova to con man Yellow Kid Weil. They are straightforward in their amoral simplicity: 'Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit,' or 'Discover each man's thumbscrew.' Each chapter provides examples of the consequences of observance or transgression of the law, along with 'keys to power,' potential 'reversals' (where the converse of the law might also be useful), and a single paragraph cleverly laid out to suggest an image (such as the aforementioned thumbscrew); the margins are filled with illustrative quotations. Practitioners of one-upmanship have been given a new, comprehensive training manual, as up-to-date as it is timeless.

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