The Adam Smith Society Reader: A Primer on Capitalism by James R. Otteson Paperback Book


Rent The Adam Smith Society Reader: A Primer on Capitalism

Author: James R. Otteson

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Encounter Books

Published: Oct 2014

Genre: Political Science - Economic Conditions

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 152


What exactly is capitalism, and why do its advocates support it? What are the main objections to capitalism that have been raised by its critics? Are there moral reasons to support capitalism, or to oppose it? In this time of globalization and economic turbulence, these questions could not be more timely or more important.

This book provides some answers through seminal readings on the nature, purpose, and effects of capitalism as understood by its most influential expositors, both historical and contemporary. In addition to Adam Smith himself, the selections gathered here include essays and excerpts by thinkers ranging from Locke and Rousseau to Hayek and Cass Sunstein. All are chosen and arranged to highlight the ways that capitalism bears on a set of fundamental human concerns: liberty, equality, social order, virtue and motivation.

If you want to develop an informed judgment about whether markets and morality mix, this anthology is a good place to begin.

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