The Money GPS: Global Economic Collapse by David Quintieri Paperback Book


Rent The Money GPS: Global Economic Collapse

Author: David Quintieri

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: David Quintieri

Published: Jan 2017

Genre: Business & Economics - Education

Pages: 112


The Financial Crisis was intentionally caused by those in control behind the scenes. They designed the monetary system using private central banks, forcing the public to accept their fiat currency as legal tender. They loan it out at interest, creating a perpetual downward spiral of debt slavery.

In The Money GPS, Quintieri covered the entire spectrum. First the foundational knowledge, then covering history through ancient times up to the present day, and finally a full analysis of the assets classes.

Global Economic Collapse touches on familiar subjects but ventures into new territory. Some of those topics include: Why bank accounts are no longer secure, high frequency trading, and why the national debt must continuously increase.

In this book, Quintieri unveils The Money GPS Strategy. You will learn strategies to earn income, reduce debt, tax incentives, reduce monthly expenses, and become self-sufficient.

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