The World Is Changing: Patriotism Against a Globalist Agenda by Cesar Vidal Paperback Book


Rent The World Is Changing: Patriotism Against a Globalist Agenda

Author: Cesar Vidal

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Agustin Agency

Published: Jul 2020

Genre: Political Science - Globalization

Retail Price: $24.99

Pages: 384


On December 26, 1991, The Dissolution of the Soviet Union comes to an end. Such an event was of paramount importance in universal history and had enormous repercussions that few anticipated. Historian Andrei Amalrik and Nobel laureate and writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, two Russian dissidents, were among the few who had enough courage and vision to predict such a seismic event would take place. Although it is indisputable that the Cold War had come to an end, there are more than a few who continue to analyze the current global situation from the perspective of said historical period that ended four decades ago. Claiming to understand the present with the paradigms of the Cold War-even to a large extent with those espoused by the Left and Right-is a very serious mistake with extremely harmful consequences. History has continued to move forward, and just as it would have been foolish to claim to understand the Europe of the end of the nineteenth century on the account of the Napoleon era, it is absurd to try to understand our world on the basis of what the Cold War entailed. In the first part of the present work, the author takes into account the analysis of democracy as a recent and often failed regime. Vidal considers the dangers that now threaten its survival around the world, not just The United States. The second part is devoted to the globalist agenda, which constitutes a real threat that seeks to destroy national sovereignty around the world, the power of the Sates, and the democratic system itself. Finally, the third part depicts a global picture of how reactions are already perceived in light of this globalist agenda, not all of them leading to a future of freedom, with the human race running the risk of being subjected to totalitarian systems of various kinds. We invite you to join us on this journey with the reading of A Changing World.

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