Booksfree is often referred to as the "Netflix for Books"

Booksfree's model is similar to the popular DVD's by mail movie rental model of Netflix, only Booksfree's service provides books and audiobooks, not DVD movies. Started around the time Netflix started nearly 12 years ago, Booksfree provides unlimited online book and/or audiobook rental service to its members who enjoy the same savings, selection and convenience that Netflix provides for DVD movies. Oprah Magazine called Booksfree the "books version of Netflix".

While there are many similarities between the Booksfree and Netflix models, there are also many differences. Books, and audiobooks are larger and heavier than DVD movies. Booksfree ships multiple books per order Media Mail with the exception of one membership and sends its audiobooks individually via First Class Mail. Another major difference is that books and audiobooks provide many more hours of entertainment than movies. The average length of a movie is just under 2 hours, while the average length of a book is around 12 hours.

Here are some testimonials that Booksfree has received over the years that mention our similarity to Netflix:

I just wanted to say I am really enjoying your service... a friend suggested it to me when I asked if anyone knew of a service like Netflix where I could rent books.
Donna from Texas
Hate going to the local library, and this service truly is the Netflix of BOOKS!!!
Cory from Wisconsin
I just wanted to say thank you for this service.....I live in a small town without much of a library. I could see you guys becoming the next NetFlix!!!!
Sharon from Ohio
When I first heard of Netflix, I thought it was a great idea for movie lovers, but I am a book lover. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.
Sherie from Michigan