Claiming the Captain's Baby by Rochelle Alers Paperback Book
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Rent Claiming the Captain's Baby

His Daughter's Guardian 

Former marine captain Giles Wainwright had seen his share of battles. When the military man turned multimillionaire learned he had a baby girl, he vowed to go to war to keep her. But Mya Lawson had her late sister's last will and testament on her side and was prepared to fight for custody. 

Mya was only following her sister's last wishes to have Lily raised in their childhood hometown. She'd grant Giles the visitation he was due. Yet as he dropped his arrogant stance and made Lily his priority, Mya's guarded emotions were swayed. Giles's offer of marriage to make them a true family was tremendously tempting. But was his proposal genuine or a bid to claim Lily forever?
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Published: Dec 2017Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition
Pages: 224
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