Clay: Armed and Dangerous by Cheyenne McCray Paperback Book
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Rent Clay: Armed and Dangerous

Rancher Rylie Thorn loves everything about men, but she's positively phobic about commitment. After growing up in a broken family and witnessing too many failed marriages, Rylie knows "forever" is just not in the cards for her.

Sheriff Clay Wayland has been called in to investigate a rash of crimes in the southeastern corner of Cochise County. But one night when he goes into the field to do some obersevation, he comes across a sensual woman who's doing some investigating of her own. Rylie immediately sets his blood on fire and he knows he has to have her. And it isn't long before Clay begins the job of taming this wildcat and making her his. . .for keeps.

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Retail Price: $14.99
Published: Apr 2011Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 336
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