Hidden Heart: This Magic Moment\Storm Warning by Nora Roberts Paperback Book
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Two fan-favorite stories about unraveling the mysteries of the heart… 


This Magic Moment 

Ryan Swan is out to prove herself as the best producer in the business. Getting master illusionist Pierce Atkins to work on an exclusive television special could make or break her career. Ryan has vowed to never give her trust away again, but she can't help but be drawn to the charismatic magician. Pierce can't create a new illusion when thoughts of Ryan fill his mind. He's put his life on the line before, but never his heart—and now he's not sure which is more perilous. 


Storm Warning 

When Autumn Gallagher returns to run her aunt's mountain inn, the last person she expects to find is Lucas McLean. Autumn hasn't forgotten the man who broke her heart, and much to her dismay, she's more attracted to him than ever. When a guest of the inn is suddenly found dead, Lucas becomes a suspect. Could the man she once loved be a coldhearted killer? She must decide if she can risk trusting Lucas again before more than hearts get broken.

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Retail Price: $7.99
Published: Sep 2017Publisher: Silhouette Books
Pages: 480
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