I'm Keith Hernandez by Keith Hernandez CD Audiobook Unabridged
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A no-holds-barred memoir from the most legendary first baseman to ever play the game

As a champion St. Louis Cardinal and New York Met, Keith Hernandez revolutionized the role of first baseman, partying hard and playing harder. A five-time All-Star, winner of two World Series titles, iconic Seinfeld-cameo star, and one of the most decorated first basemen in baseball history, he has long been renowned for his keen insight into the mechanics and traditions of the game. However, Hernandez is beloved for his infectious energy, rousing antics, and commitment to the sport. Now for the first time, he's prepared to tell all, from his beginnings in the San Francisco Bay area to his wild playing years in the 1980s to his transition to broadcasting.

In I'm Keith Hernandez, he brings us right into the dugout with Mets rookies, teaching them as much about the game as about partying (with mixed results). He vividly recounts the unceasing wind in San Francisco's now-torn down Candlestick Park, what it was like leaving his heart, and sometimes even blood, on the field of old Shea Stadium, the lost art of hitting a slider, and the rare combination of qualities that makes a player successful in the clutch. And of course, no memoir by Hernandez would be complete without a full account of the amazin' Mets. Like never before, we are taken right into the clubhouse which was often as rowdy as the night clubs that defined much of the 1980s baseball image.

But it wasn't without consequence. Hernandez does not shy away from discussing his own drug use and coping mechanisms, the similar experiences of his teammates, and the prevalent use of steroids that still haunts the game today.

Filled with powerful insight and raw emotion, this is an unforgettable sports memoir, and a singular historical record of time and place. From his humble upbringing and his family's paycheck-to-paycheck existence, to a life of luxury as one of the most famous players in the world, Hernandez finally gives baseball fans the memoir they've been clamoring for.
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Published: Oct 2017
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Discs: 8
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