Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregor Paperback Book
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Rent Moment of Weakness

Captain Suzann Redeker earned a Bronze Star for valor, one of the highest honors given by the Marine Corps. As leader of a FET-a female engagement team that patrolled the combat zone-she took out four Taliban insurgents, but not before losing a soldier under her command and sustaining an injury that ended her military career. Now back home in rural Vermont, she's forced to chart a new life as a civilian. What better way to do that than to fall in love with a woman who lionizes her courage and sacrifice?

From their very first kiss, Marleigh Anderhall knew Zann was the woman she was meant to marry. Valiant, dashing-the shining warrior she'd always dreamed would sweep her off her feet.

They have all they could ever want...a home they've built together and a love that grows stronger every day. It's an idyllic life, until Zann discovers something about that fateful day in Afghanistan that calls into question her very identity. Would Marlie still love her if she wasn't the hero everyone thought her to be?

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Retail Price: $16.95
Published: Jul 2017
Publisher: Bella Books
Pages: 240
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