Someone Like You (Hqn) by Susan Mallery Paperback Book
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When it comes to affairs of the heart, there's no place like home 

Jill Strathern left sleepy Los Lobos for the big city years ago, thinking she'd never be back. But now, contrary to all her plans, she finds herself running a small law practice in her hometown. And not only that, but Mac Kendrick, a burned-out LAPD cop and Jill's longtime crush, is also back in town. 

Mac may have rejected Jill back in high school, but neither of them can deny the attraction between them. And he quickly finds that being in Jill's company is more than a little complicated. With Mafia dons, hovering social workers, angry exes and one quirky eight-year-old taking up Jill's time, Mac will have to decide if the perfect storm of drama will actually result in the perfect match.

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Retail Price: $7.99
Published: Mar 2017Publisher: Harlequin Books
Pages: 384
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