Sweet Dreams: Reasonable Doubt\Without a Trace by Catherine Anderson Paperback Book
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Two timeless stories of love and intrigue from INew York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson  PReasonable Doubt/bb /PTo claim her inheritance, Breanna Morgan must return to Crescent Moon and face the doubts she fled so long ago. But she soon discovers that prowlers, vandals and unnatural noises have invaded the isolated mining claim that has been in her family for generations. And her new neighbor, Tyler Ross, is not the first or the last to warn her away. PWhen the threats become all too real and Tyler offers his support, Breanna accepts him with open arms. Until she has cause to wonder if his choice is for her benefit, or for his own.... PWithout a Trace/bb /PWhen her brother disappears, Crysta Meyers leaves the big city to join in the search for her missing twin. She doesn't expect that in the Alaskan wilderness her greatest threat will come not from nature, but from man. PAs Michael and Sarah delve deeper into his past, they find danger at every turn. And their only hope for life, and love, is to rebury the past and disappear without a trace.
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Published: Sep 2012Publisher: Harlequin Hqn
Pages: 384
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