The Coldest Fear: Library Edition (Shades of Death) by Debra Webb CD Audiobook Unabridged
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A killer with nothing left to lose ...Afraid or not, Detective Bobbie Gentry has a monster to confront. The pain of losing her family--and nearly her life--to a criminal's vile hunger is still fresh, but now the landscape is different. Now she's not alone. Now she has Nick Shade to trust. Nick treats the terror of his past with vengeance. He's dedicated his life to hunting serial killers, and he'd give his last breath to save Bobbie. When a string of killings bloodies Savannah's elite society and causes cold cases to resurface, Bobbie is captured in a city more haunted than Nick's inescapable nightmares. And as the murderer strikes close, Nick and Bobbie will need to become even closer if they're going to survive.
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Published: Mar 2018
Publisher: Mira Books
Discs: 7
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