The Sands of Shark Island (School Ship Tobermory) by Alexander McCall Smith CD Audiobook Unabridged
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Imagine going to school on a boat! The rip-roaring excitement continues in the second volume of this adventure-mystery series set on the high seas, from the author of the beloved No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency!
Ben and Fee MacTavish and their schoolmates on board the School Ship Tobermory are headed thousands of miles from their base in Mull to a small island in the Caribbean. They will learn extraordinary details about Captain Macbeth's past and come face to face with modern-day pirates. The students and crew aboard the Tobermory will have to band together and use their wits to escape harm and overcome the evil pirates.
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Retail Price: $35.00
Published: Jul 2017
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio)
Discs: 5
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