The Swarm: Volume One of The Second Formic War by Orson Scott Card Paperback Book
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New York Timesbestselling authors Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston return with an all-new prequel trilogy to Ender's Game, The Second Formic War, with book one, The Swarm

A coalition of corporate and international military forces beat back the first invasion of Earth, in the First Formic War. But it was a near thing, and the devastation of much of Earth has shocked the planet into cooperation.

The war is not won. The single ship that did so much damage was only a scout ship. There is another, much bigger, colony ship on its way into our system, and Earth really doesn't have any defenses against it. They only have a few months to find some.

Here is the Second Formic War, and the threat to all humanity that led to the creation of the Hegemony, and the Battle School, and the genetic program that led to the birth of Ender Wiggin.

The Second Formic War
#1 The Swarm

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Published: Jan 2018Publisher: Tor Books
Pages: 528
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