150 Finding Your Story in the Psalms by Kevin Adams Paperback Book


Rent 150 Finding Your Story in the Psalms

Author: Kevin Adams

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Square Inch

Published: Sep 2011

Genre: Religion - Biblical Studies - Old Testament

Retail Price: $14.99

Pages: 272


Sung, whispered, shouted, and groaned by Muslims and Jews, Protestants and Catholics, Bob Marley and J. S. Bach, the Psalms express the faith of a thousand generations. People have used psalms to voice their deepest anguish and delight, to comfort others, to express emotions they hardly dare to admit.

In this book Kevin Adams shares stories of unlikely psalm prayers and an unpredictable God, opening up the honest and earthy world of the psalms in new and unexpected ways. And he invites us to find our own story within that community of faith.

Reading this book you will find yourself underlining an especially poignant verse here or jotting notes in the margin there, as the psalms come alive through the stories of those who have used and abused them through the centuries.

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