25 Years of Pickles by Brian Crane Paperback Book


Rent 25 Years of Pickles

Author: Brian Crane

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Baobab Press, LLC.

Published: Oct 2015

Genre: Humor - Form - Comic Strips & Cartoons

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 135


Getting old is not for sissies. But as Brian Crane's crotchety but endearing seniors Earl and Opal Pickles do it, it can be humorous and often touching. For over twenty-five years, Crane's comic strip, Pickles, has been delighting readers around the world. This seventh collection continues the adventures of grandparents Earl and Opal; their precocious grandson, Nelson; quirky family members and friends; and the family's dog and cat, who offer their own distinctive views of the goings-on. Crane's view of the foibles of a long-married, often cantankerous couple and their extended family and friends is wry, honest, and always warm-hearted.

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