Rent "70 Is The New 50" (Except When You Wanna DO Stuff!!!): A compilation of humorous but true stories by Carole Blake Author of "Help! My Face Has Fall

Author: Carole Blake

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Published: Jan 2014

Genre: Humor - Topic - Relationships

Pages: 84


Carole Blake has been a song lyricist for over 40 years. Several of her songs have been recorded and released on various record labels. One of her children's songs was purchased by the Shari Lewis Lamb Chop Show. She was a co-executive producer of the film 'The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia', starring Dennis Quaid. She has been a feature writer for several local newspapers, magazines, and websites in Long Island where she lives. Her first book, 'Help! My Face Has Fallen and it Can't Get Up!' was published in 2007, and now this new book contains a compilation of the articles she has written since then. Her writings are usually humorous and tend to reflect life as she sees it from the perspective of a woman...well....not getting any younger, but having a lot of fun on the "ride" and who still looks pretty darn good from the back!

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