A Face Without a Reflection by Linda Lee Bowen Paperback Book


Rent A Face Without a Reflection

Author: Linda Lee Bowen

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Linda Lee Bowen

Published: Mar 2018

Genre: Fiction - Christian - Classic & Allegory

Pages: 260


What would it be like if you had perfectly good vision, but couldn’t see your own reflection?

Twelve-year-old Lily Johnson has no problem seeing herself. But, she doesn’t like what she sees. She wishes she were prettier, thinner, taller and definitely…more popular. Wishing for things she’s not instead of seeing all that she is has made Lily very anxious and unhappy. Her life feels useless and out of control. And then…it gets worse.

Lily needs a miracle. And when she’s at the lowest point of her young life…that’s just what she gets.

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