A Girl's Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister Paperback Book


Rent A Girl's Guide to Vampires

Author: Katie MacAlister

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Avon Books

Published: Nov 2003

Genre: Fiction - Romance - General

Retail Price: $7.99

Pages: 400


Joy Randall's Top 5 Tips for Vampire Hunters: 1. Location, location, location. Remember, if you wouldn't be there, neither would a bloodsucker. 2. Trust your eyes. You know the handsome, annoyingly arrogant, self-assured man in the shadows with long hair and a cleft in his chin? He's your vampire. 3. No matter how tempting it might be, do not "accidentally" acquire a paper cut and suggest YOUR VAMPIRE kiss your finger to make it better. 4. From here on out, play it cool. Don't offer to accompany your prince of the night on the talk show circuit and whatever you do, don't offer him your heart. 5. And most of all, remember├Żbeing a vampire is nothing to laugh about.

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