A More Perfect Union (Briefs): Reimagining The United States as a European Union-style Federation by Alexander Moss Paperback Book


Rent A More Perfect Union (Briefs): Reimagining The United States as a European Union-style Federation

Author: Alexander Moss

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: William Iverson

Published: Mar 2022

Genre: Political Science - Government - National

Pages: 124


If you have ever wondered if or how the United States might break up - this book is for you. Starting in 2017, mainstream polling firms such as Zogby, Bright Line Watch / YouGov, and the University of Virginia Center for Politics have consistently found that support for breaking up the United States into regional sub-groups has been growing. As of 2021, polling across several different vendors shows roughly 40% of Biden voters and 50% or more of Trump voters would vote to break the country up - stunning figures. This book takes this notion of a "what if" - breaking up the country into new nations - and develops a roadmap for a constitutional amendment that could make this a reality with the least possible disruption. The amendment is discussed comprehensively, based on a model in which the current United States is broken into six new nations. Each new nation begins with a copy of the existing Constitution. Topics covered include details on the current polling, the mechanics, the economics (including the dollar and Federal Reserve), military, foreign policy, and much more. The new nations would remain affiliated in an economic and political union similar to but uniquely different from) the Commonwealth or the European Union. As the political divisions in the United States threaten to grow from cultural wars into increased political violence, it's important for all citizens to consider options. This book outlines a potential scenario - a dramatic step, but an important alternative to civil war.

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