A Rumpole Christmas: Stories by John Mortimer Paperback Book


Rent A Rumpole Christmas: Stories

Author: John Mortimer

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: BBC Audiobooks

Published: Oct 2009

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Short Stories

Retail Price: $24.95

Discs: 4


A Rumpole Christmas is a collection of five holiday stories—never before published in book form—depicting the Old Bailey Hack at his lovable best. In "Rumpole and Father Christmas," the English barrister encounters a familiar-looking Santa who he thinks is a thief. In "Rumpole's Slimmed Down Christmas," he goes to a new-age spa when "She who must be obeyed" insists that he lose a few pounds. In "Rumpole and the Christmas Break," he protects Hilda as a shady judge flirts with her while on a holiday that turns out to be anything but relaxing. In "Rumpole of the Bailey's Christmas Party," Rumpole celebrates the holiday with Old Bailey colleagues and Hilda surprises him with an unexpected gift. And in "Rumpole and the Old Familiar Faces," he uses a former client's seedy past to aid a church in the name of Christmas spirit.

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