A Visit to Three Fronts: Glimpses of the British, Italian and French Lines (1916) by Arthur Conan Doyle Paperback Book


Rent A Visit to Three Fronts: Glimpses of the British, Italian and French Lines (1916)

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Les Prairies Numeriques

Published: Sep 2014

Pages: 30


A Visit to Three Fronts. Glimpses of the British, Italian and French Lines is a book written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. on 19 august 1916.\n\nThe book is a collection of 3 articles published previously in newspapers:A Glimpse of the ArmyWith the ItaliansA Glimpse of the French LineIn the course of May 1916, the Italian authorities expressed a desire that some independent observer from Great Britain should visit their lines and report his impressions. It was at the time when our brave and capable allies had sustained a set-back in the Trentino owing to a sudden concentration of the Austrians, supported by very heavy artillery. I was asked to undertake this mission. In order to carry it out properly, I stipulated that I should be allowed to visit the British lines first, so that I might have some standard of comparison. The War Office kindly assented to my request. Later I obtained permission to pay a visit to the French front as well. Thus it was my great good fortune, at the very crisis of the war, to visit the battle line of each of the three great Westernallies. I only wish that it had been within my power to complete my experiences in this seat of war by seeing the gallant little Belgian army which has done so remarkably well upon the extreme left wing of the hosts of freedom.\r\nMy experiences and impressionsare here set down, and may have some small effect in counteracting those mischievous misunderstandingsand mutual belittlements which are eagerly fomented by our cunning enemy.\r\nArthur Conan DoyleCrowborough,\r\nJuly 1916A Glimpse of the British ArmyIt is not an easy matter to write from the front. You know that there are several courteous but inexorable gentlemen who may have a word in the matter, and their presence \'imparts but small ease to the style.\' But above all you have the twin censors of your own conscienceand common sense, which assure you that, if all other readers fail you, you will certainly find a most attentive one in the neighbourhood of the Haupt-Quartier. An instructive story is still told of how a certain well-meaning traveller recorded his satisfaction with the appearance of the big guns at the retiring and peaceful village of Jamais, and how three days later, by an interesting coincidence, the village of Jamais passed suddenly off the map and dematerialised into brickdust and splinters.

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