A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion by Gary M. Burge Paperback Book


Rent A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion

Author: Gary M. Burge

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: IVP Academic

Published: May 2015

Genre: Religion - Biblical Studies - Paul's Letters

Retail Price: $20.00

Pages: 208


Enter a world of warfare and treachery, of duty and honor, of love and loyalty, interwoven with the inner workings of a Roman centurion's household. And then trace it as the road curves toward little Capernaum. Follow the story of Appius, a proud centurion, and Tullus, his scribe and slave. From a battle with the Parthians, through a tragic personal crisis, to the gladiator arena at Caesarea Maritima, their tale finally leads to the backwater village of Capernaum on the shores of Galilee. There, in a culture not their own and during a week they will never forget, they encounter a Jewish prophet from Nazareth. A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion gives us a first-century view of the world of the Gospels. In entertaining historical fiction, splashed with informative sidebars and images, we capture a view of Jesus' world from the outer framework looking in.

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