Advice From A F*ck Boy by Clint Coley Paperback Book


Rent Advice From A F*ck Boy

Author: Clint Coley

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Bookbaby

Published: Aug 2021

Genre: Humor - Topic - Relationships

Retail Price: $14.99

Pages: 258


Advice From a F*ck Boy, from comedian Clint Coley, turns his raw podcast about navigating relationships for millennials into a page-turning coming of age story. The stories are more than laughs about getting over on women, leading girls on and ghosting for no reason -- Advice From a F*ck Boy is a brutally honest look at a self-proclaimed former f**k boy's relationships. The stories are hilarious but Coley wants you to pick up what he's putting down to learn from his mistakes and strengthen your relationships.

Now why would anyone want to take advice from a f*ck boy? Because somehow men turn into them and women end up with them. Advice from a F*ck Boy is the book everyone needs to take a little accountability (yes, men and women) and have everything they want in life, including relationships.

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