Alan Moore Light Of Thy Countenance by Alan Moore Paperback Book


Rent Alan Moore Light Of Thy Countenance

Author: Alan Moore

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Avatar Press

Published: Mar 2009

Genre: Fiction - Comics & Graphic Novels - Fantasy

Retail Price: $7.99


What terrifying force lives in the heart of your television? Hugo Award-winning author Alan Moore (WATCHMEN) introduces us to an entity created at the dawn of television, a man-made deity made more powerful every night we worship before the altar of the boob tube.

Maureen Cooper is not real. She is an apparition summoned to screens, into homes, into the hearts and mind of the viewing audience by Carol Livesly. But Carol Livesly is not the god that creates the illusions that capture the mind and bind the soul. She is only a servant of a higher power. A higher, hungry power, as old as the world and eternally new. As, perhaps, are we all. Alan Moore, master and magician of storytelling, tears back the veil of one of the most arcane of enchantments —- The Magic of Television! Part grimoire, part grim invocation of things that are all too ordinary, LIGHT OF THY COUNTENANCE is an original and breathtaking story by Alan Moore, adapted to graphic novella format by Antony Johnston, preserving every word.

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