All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz Paperback Book


Rent All Night Long

Author: Jayne Ann Krentz

Format: Mass Market Paperback, Unabridged-MP3, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Berkley Pub Group

Published: Feb 2007

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Suspense

Retail Price: $8.99

Pages: 368


A reporter and an ex-marine fall in love while they dig up a small town's unsavory secrets in this work of romantic suspense. As a teenager, Irene Stenson sneaked home from an unauthorized after-dark outing with her friend Pamela Webb to discover her parents dead from gunshot wounds. The police ruled it a murder-suicide, and Irene has never seen her California hometown of Dunsley nor Pamela since that horrible time. Now, a message from Pamela claiming to have information about the murders summons Irene back to Dunsley; unfortunately, by the time she gets there, Pamela herself has died under suspicious circumstances. Dunsley innkeeper and former marine Luke Danner helps Irene uncover the truth that the locals (including Pamela's influential politician father) seem desperate to keep hidden.

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BookLender review by Felicia on 2009-12-18 22:34:32

That summer Pamela Webb, Senator Ryland Webb's wild child, picked Irene Stenson, the police chief's bookish daughter, to be her new best friend. One night Irene arrives home after curfew to discover the bodies of her parents. Although she firmly believes her parents were murdered, the deaths are ruled a murder-suicide. The small town of Dunsley whispers that Irene will “never be the same” as Irene refuses to believe that her father killed her mother and then himself. Irene moves away and vows never to return to Dunsley. Seventeen years later Irene Stenson is a reporter with some OCD issues. Out of the blue she receives an email from Pamela Webb asking her to meet her in Dunsley. Curious as to why Pamela would contact her after all these years, Irene returns to Dunsley to check into the Sunrise on the Lake Lodge and discover Pamela's body. Pamela's death is quickly ruled a suicide and any investigation into her death is quashed by her father, Senator Ryland Webb now a presidential candidate. Irene, however, suspects that there is something more going on. Luke Danner is the proprietor of the Sunrise on the Lake Lodge who doesn't seem to be much interested inn keeping. A former Marine who has recently retired, Luke has declined to enter the family business to take inn keeping instead. His family suspects he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to PTSD. After all, his family has been in wine for years and everyone else in the family works in the winery. Why shouldn't he? Luke is also the only person in Dunsley who believes that Irene's theory that Pamela's death is connected to her parents death. What's a disinterested innkeeper to do but help the reporter investigate? Scandal, danger and politics rear their heads. Luke is a strong, protective, confident hero who doesn't need to explain himself. Irene is a quirky heroine who digs in. This is a fun and fast read. All the loose ends are tied up neatly by the end and love conquers all. Wonderful read!

BookLender review by Joan on 2007-05-16 20:18:27