Am I Doing This Right?: A Philosophical Guide to Life in the Age of Overwhelm by Colleen Bordeaux Paperback Book


Rent Am I Doing This Right?: A Philosophical Guide to Life in the Age of Overwhelm

Author: Colleen Bordeaux

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Colleen Bordeaux

Published: Jun 2019

Genre: Philosophy - Methodology

Pages: 128


Have you ever felt a nagging sense that you're supposed to be doing more with your life—but no idea how to figure it out, since you live in an overwhelming world? You're not alone—author Colleen Bordeaux had the same problem, and did all the wrong things to fix it—until she learned what people regret most when they die and studied what the best thinkers of humanity have said about how to not waste your brief blip on Earth. Turns out, there are only 7 questions that matter in life—but most of us never ask them, and live far beneath our potential as a result. So, she answered them for herself, and found purpose, developed confidence, and quadrupled her income in the process—with no special qualifications or credentials. This book is about those 7 important questions, why they matter, and how to answer them for yourself to produce similar (or even better!) outcomes in your own life, highlighted with authentic, painfully honest and often laugh-out-loud personal stories. If you read it, ask yourself these 7 questions, and apply the answers to your own life, you'll be the most confident person you know—clear on exactly why you're here, what you want, where you're going, and how to get there. This book dreams of being your sidekick, a constant reminder to believe in yourself and follow your inner guide to create the most of this one life you've been given. It hopes to be a gift to your friend struggling to make a change, to your new graduate entering a world with an overwhelming number of possibilities, to your colleague unsure of their career path, to your partner, family member, student, or friend who might not see in themselves all of the gifts and potential they possess. This book aspires to be your book club's favorite this year, answering their search for more meaning and actionable inspiration in what they read and discuss.

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