America at the Gates of Hell: How Can We Escape by Diane Chamberlain Paperback Book


Rent America at the Gates of Hell: How Can We Escape

Author: Diane Chamberlain

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: FriesenPress

Published: Jun 2019

Genre: Religion - Religion, Politics & State

Pages: 102


America at the Gates of Hell is about the need for transformation of the hearts and minds of Americans. Never before have we faced such stark historical contrasts of good and evil. We stand at the precipice! Will we choose life? Can we escape our fate? This book is full of truth!

The author dares to explore apocalyptic writings to provide insight. She draws from her life experience to take the reader on a journey of loving change. Her style provides the tools to overcome the obstacles. There is a way to escape if the suggestions are taken.

Take the journey from the Apocalypse in Chapter one through betrayal and loss, boundaries, control, and more. Finally the author leads the end to a place of hope for the reader after despair. Has America or the English speaking world waited too long to turn the corner? Each reader must answer for themselves what part, if any, to play....

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