An Everyday Cult by Gerette Buglion Paperback Book


Rent An Everyday Cult

Author: Gerette Buglion

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Rootstock Publishing

Published: May 2021

Genre: Religion - Cults

Pages: 226


A personal memoir and a wake-up call for society to recognize and reject the erosion of critical thinking, An Everyday Cult is an essential read for understanding how people fall prey to mind control and cultic manipulation.

Tracing the arc of eighteen years under a trusted teacher's unethical tutelage, Gerette Buglion's true-life story shows how her innocent quest for meaning is answered by a man who sees directly into her soul, awakening insight while simultaneously eroding her capacity for critical thinking. Through an increasingly murky and treacherous narrative, she lays bare the hallmarks of cultic manipulation-mind control that flies under the radar of human awareness-and implores society to wake up to its ever-present abuses of power.

An Everyday Cult imparts a universal story, demonstrating how recognition of cultic membership-largely riddled with preconceived notions-may be an essential key to human evolution.

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