Anatomy of the Heavens: God's Message in the Stars by John Klein Paperback Book


Rent Anatomy of the Heavens: God's Message in the Stars

Author: John Klein

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Selah Publishing Group

Published: Apr 2013

Genre: Religion - Christianity - Christian Science

Pages: 226


Constellations: No one disputes their celestial glory -dazzling, dramatic, and perhaps somehow meaningful. But how? What is it about the 12 major constellations in our night sky that has captivated almost everyone throughout history from ancient stargazers searching the skies with naked eyes to modern astronomers scanning the stars through incredibly powerful telescopes. There are those who claim the stars give each of us personal information based on the date of our birth. But we know better, or course. Are the positioning of the stars entirely random? If so, why do they tell such a powerful story? Is anything in God's universe truly random? Is He not a God of order, with an immense desire to teach us and reach us through every possible aspect of His creation? Study the heavens with a biblical perspective and learn the real message God has written in the stars.

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