And the Sea Will Tell by Vincent Bugliosi Paperback Book


Rent And the Sea Will Tell

Author: Vincent Bugliosi

Format: Paperback

Publisher: W W Norton & Co Inc

Published: Mar 2006

Genre: True Crime - Murder

Retail Price: $18.99

Pages: 576


AND THE SEA WILL TELL, written by renowned defense attorney and author of HELTER SKELTER Vincent Bugliosi, reconstructs the events and subsequent trial of a riveting true murder mystery, and probes into the dark heart of a serpentine scenario of death that began when four people found hell in paradise. It was the 1960s and two couples separately set sail in search of a peaceful life: a wealthy yachtsman and his wife, an ex-con and his sexy girlfriend. Their destinies converged on a South Pacific island hundreds of miles from civilization where a savage murder left two of them there forever. . . .

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