ArchEnemy - Audio (The Looking Glass Wars) by Frank Beddor Paperback Book


Rent ArchEnemy - Audio (The Looking Glass Wars)

Author: Frank Beddor

Format: Unabridged CD

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: Oct 2009

Genre: Children & Young Adults Fiction - Fairy Tales & Folklore

Retail Price: $34.99


As SEEING REDD ended, King Arch had been successful in sapping Wonderland - including Alyss and Redd - of Imagination. Now the two enemy queens are forced to come together in an attempt to reclaim Wonderland and their imaginative powers. Hatter M is AWOL as he escorts his daughter, Molly, to our world, leaving her in the care of Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll). It appears that the caterpillar oracles are in cahoots with Arch, but we learn they are manipulating him to save the Heart Crystal, also know as 'Everqueen'--the source of imaginative power. How far will Alyss regain her power?

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