Arthur Conan Doyle - Three Glimpses from the Front by Arthur Conan Doyle Paperback Book


Rent Arthur Conan Doyle - Three Glimpses from the Front

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Conflict

Published: Feb 2017

Genre: History - Military - World War I

Pages: 54


If ever a writer needed an introduction Arthur Conan Doyle would not be considered that man. After all, Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the foremost literary detective of any age. Add to this canon his stories of science fiction and horror, his historical novels, his political campaigning, his efforts in establishing a Court Of Appeal, his poetical works and there is little room for anything else. Except he was also a dedicated and voluminous historian writing much about the wars in Southern Africa and the First World War. His analysis and description of events is to be admired and his style is welcoming even though he relays events of great carnage and tragedy. Here we publish his first hand account of trips to the front line during the Great War.

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