Available Wife Part 2 by Carla Pennington Paperback Book


Rent Available Wife Part 2

Author: Carla Pennington

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Published: Nov 2011

Genre: Fiction - African American - Contemporary Women

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 250


Six months after her husband, Germaine ran off with her two boys, Niquole Wright has a sweet tooth for revenge. Even more selfish and devious than before, Niquole will stop at nothing to get her kids back and make her husband suffer. Her street savvy personality mixed with her no-nonsense attitude has Niquole believing she has free reign to screw anyone who gets in her way. Soon, someone unexpected re-enters Niquole's life and seems to be one of the many obstacles slowing her down and threatening to ruin her plans. Will the grimy road that Niquole travels finally cut her off for good? Or will she thrive amongst those who pretend to love her?

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