Bag Of Bones by Stephen King Paperback Book


Rent Bag Of Bones

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: King, Stephen

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published: Jun 2005

Genre: Fiction - Horror - General

Retail Price: $49.95

Discs: 20


On a very hot day in August of 1994, my wife told me she was going down to the Derry Rite Aid to pick up a refill on her sinus medicine prescription--this is stuff you can buy over the counter these days, I believe. I'd finished my writing for the day and offered to pick it up for her. She said thanks, but she wanted to get a piece of fish at the supermarket next door anyway; two birds with one stone and all of that. She blew a kiss at me off the palm of her hand and went out. The next time I saw her, she was on TV. That's how you identify the dead here in Derry--no walking down a subterranean corridor with green tiles on the walls and long fluorescent bars overhead, no naked body rolling out of a chilly drawer on casters; you just go into an office marked PRIVATE and look at a TV screen and say yep or nope.

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BookLender review by C on 2007-06-25 19:34:13

I have read a number of Steven King's books and overall have enjoyed his work. The first 4 cds of this book where very hard to get through--I almost gave up. After finishing 20 cds I wish I had. The author narated the book, which I was sceptical of in the beginning...but he did a good job.

BookLender review by Katherine on 2009-01-02 13:51:28

His last few books are dull, umimaginative, and difficult to get into. This is one of those books.