Beethoven: The Universal Composer (Eminent Lives) by Edmund Morris Paperback Book


Rent Beethoven: The Universal Composer (Eminent Lives)

Author: Edmund Morris

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Published: Feb 2010

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Composers & Musicians - Classical Composers

Retail Price: $14.99

Pages: 256


In "Beethoven", Edmund Morris, the author of three bestselling presidential biographies and a lifelong devotee of the great composer, brings him to life as a man of astonishing complexity and overpowering intelligence. A gigantic, compulsively creative personality unable to tolerate constraints, he was not so much a social rebel as an astute manipulator of the most powerful and privileged aristocrats in Germany and Austria, at a time when their world was threatened by the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. But Beethoven's achievement rests in his immortal music. Struggling against progressive, incurable deafness (which he desperately tried to keep secret), he nonetheless produced towering masterpieces, such as his iconic Fifth and Ninth symphonies. With sensitivity and insight, Edmund Morris illuminates Beethoven's life, including his interactions with the women he privately lusted for but held at bay, and his work, whose grandeur and beauty were conceived 'on the other side of silence.'

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