Best Hospitals 2016 by U. S. News and World Report Paperback Book


Rent Best Hospitals 2016

Author: U. S. News and World Report

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: U.S. News & World Report

Published: Aug 2015

Genre: Health & Fitness - Reference

Pages: 198


Now in its 26th year, U.S. News' annual guide to U.S. hospitals helps both consumers and medical professionals find the best hospitals and understand the latest trends in healthcare. Created by a team of health journalists and healthcare experts, this popular guidebook provides U.S. News' exclusive rankings of the best adult hospitals and children's hospitals for cancer, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, and other medical specialties. Plus, rankings of the best hospitals in the 100 largest metro areas, the best diet plans (as chosen by nutrition experts), and the most-recommended over-the-counter products for more than 30 common conditions and needs. Chapters include: The Patient of the Future: Dr. Eric Topol, a top healthcare thought leader and author, describes how smart tools will empower people to diagnose and treat themselves at home How 3D printing, telemedicine, and superbugs are transforming healthcare Tapping the Power of Bionics: Meet a real Robocop, who was paralyzed from the waist down but is now back to work thanks to a bionic exoskeleton A Game Changer in the Cancer Fight: New drugs spur the body's own defenses to attack tumors, sometimes with amazing results Marijuana as Medicine: It's a miracle cure for some and is even being tested as a cancer treatment. But research shows limited effectiveness for many approved medical marijuana treatments A special guide to children's health, with in-depth looks at vaccines, anesthesia, allergies, school lunches, and sleep issues The growing field of patient navigators is helping steer sick people to the right care The Travel Trend: Why more companies are paying employees to travel for surgery

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