Better Tomorrow: A Personal Perspective on Servant Leadership by Dave Dow Paperback Book


Rent Better Tomorrow: A Personal Perspective on Servant Leadership

Author: Dave Dow

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: iUniverse

Published: Jan 2021

Genre: Business & Economics - Economics

Retail Price: $10.99

Pages: 86


"Better Tomorrow" is a book that focuses on a practical approach to Servant Leadership. It has been written from the perspective of an individual who spent 35 years as a leader, lecturer, college professor and missionary. David Dow supports leadership concepts with life stories. Testimonials: "Dave Dow shares a revelatory look at Servant leadership and its essential role in creating a better tomorrow. Dave tells it like it is so that the reader can apply it in their organization and in their personal life-a must read. In these troubled times, the message is essential and inspirational." Dr. Ronald F Cichy, O.M.,Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University. "Dave Dow's Better Tomorrow is a wonderful contribution to the work on servant leadership. Dave is an experienced leader and teacher. He spent many years in a company devoted to servant leadership. He speaks directly to younger, developing leaders and generously shares what he has learned about how to bring servant leadership alive for yourself and your people." Dr. Joseph B. White, President and Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois; Dean and Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan "Dave Dow is the embodiment of 'Servant Leadership'. In this book, he weaves personal and professional stories into a lattice that illustrates his own servant leadership in action while compelling the reader to create a better future for everyone in their world. This message is more important now than ever as leaders navigate the awesome responsibility of serving others." Nicole Mouskondis, Co-CEO, Nicholas and Company "Dave Dow has an exceptional way of creating thought-provoking reflections on what it means to serve. For anyone already in a management role, or just starting out in the workforce, this book has the power to open your mind and delve deeper into what it means to be a Servant Leader. His anecdotes will make you smile or hit you hard as you relate to your own personal experiences and how you handled similar situations. And remember, 'When you are home, belong to the family'". Debbie Gust, President, WOW Factor Desserts

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