Bisia & Isham: The Countess & the P.O.W. by Toni Reavis Paperback Book


Rent Bisia & Isham: The Countess & the P.O.W.

Author: Toni Reavis

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Cleveland Circle Press

Published: Nov 2022

Genre: History - Military - Other

Pages: 240


On Valentine's Day 1945, two soldiers met in a small café in Lublin, Poland. She was a Polish countess, fighting for her nation's doomed freedom. He was an escaped American POW, searching for a U.S. mission. Neither spoke the other's language. Yet 11 days later they married, beginning a life of 64 years together. BISIA & ISHAM is a son's retelling of his parents momentous meeting, a story that illuminates the indomitable Polish character and boundless American spirit.★★★★★

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