Black Lace Quickies 10 (Black Lace Quickies) by Various Paperback Book


Rent Black Lace Quickies 10 (Black Lace Quickies)

Author: Various

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Black Lace

Published: Feb 2008

Genre: Fiction - Erotica - Short Stories

Retail Price: $4.99

Pages: 128


Indulgent, sensual, taboo, outrageous, and always erotic, Black Lace short stories are the best in modern, sexy fi ction. Fun, irreverent, and deliciously decadent, this arousing little anthology of erotica is a showcase of the diversity and imagination of modern women's exotic desires. Dip into the most entertaining erotic fictionn around.

•        Anything can happen on a trip to Brighton, even before you leave the train.

•        The greediest girls lust for glory.

•        Different uniforms can lead to different roles.

•        On vacation, sex can be volcanic.

•        There's nothing like sex in the offi ce.

•        Some door-to-door jobs have unforeseen perks.

Created for busy people looking for quick, naughty entertainment, Quickies features the very best from Black Lace's extensive short fiction backlist.

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